Radio: Why You Shouldn't Trash Leftover Tiles

 Radio: Why You Shouldn't Trash Leftover Tiles

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When you take on a tiling project, it's always a good idea to buy about 10% more than you'll need for the job-just in case you make any mistakes while the project is underway. Still, that could leave you with a few extra tiles after you wrap up that bathroom remodel. Before you throw them away, consider turning them into free home décor with one of these easy projects.

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In the kitchen or bath, create an accent wall, a doorway surround, or a scaled-down backsplash behind the sink. And if you want to give your builder-grade cabinets a boost, removing the doors and tiling the back panel is a low-effort way to add color and personality-without breaking out the paint. Depending on how much have left, you can also top off a kitchen island or table to make the surface more durable and kid-friendly. Tile can even add polish to an otherwise plain fireplace.

Outside your home, use those leftovers to redo an old wooden planter box. For even more curb appeal, glue a trio of tiles to some scrap wood and paint on your house numbers to make an eye-catching address marker. They also make show-stopping borders for a garden walkway, fire pit surround, or an outdoor barbecue area.

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