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Enter $3,000 Bright Ideas Giveaway with The Grommet!

Enter  $3,000 Bright Ideas Giveaway with The Grommet!

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Great inventions start with bold new ideas - ideas that give us more time in our day and more joy with our families and in our homes. That's why we're partnering with The Grommet for our first ever $3,000 Bright Ideas Giveaway. Starting today and every day through September 15, you can enter to win one of six $500 gift cards to be used at Use your $500 for amazing products you've never seen anywhere else. At The Grommet, you'll find time- and space-saving solutions for your home and garden - made by businesses you can believe in.

The Grommet was co-founded by CEO Jules Pieri and Chief Discovery Officer Joanne Domeniconi to launch innovative, undiscovered products for the benefit of small businesses and consumers. Since 2008, The Grommet has discovered thousands of unique inventions that are now household names, including FitBit, SimpliSafe, and IdeaPaint.

Today, The Grommet welcomes new subscribers daily to its community of over 3.5 million supporters and early adopters. New products -and their stories-are revealed every weekday, with the goal of improving the way consumer products are discovered, shared, and bought.

The Grommet is also the home of Citizen Commerce.® Consumer purchases represent 65% of the U.S. economy. Our buying habits have the power to shape the world, and The Grommet is on a mission to impact the way we buy and sell products, with a focus on American-made goods, handcrafted products, and underrepresented entrepreneurs looking for a fair opportunity. The Grommet supports you, as you support the values you believe in.

Here's a look at some of the innovative products and life hacks you'll find at The Grommet.

If you live in a small space -or simply enjoy saving space-the Retractable Telescoping Ladder by Xtend + Climb is the perfect tool for any home repair job. Thanks to the well-designed handle, you can carry it under one arm, and when you're done, just fold, lock, and store.

If you're tired of throwing good food scraps in the trash, you will love the Food Waste Recycler by Food Cycler. In about three hours, this compact machine compresses food into fertilizer for your plants. Carbon filters eliminate odor, making composting a clean, easy home essential.

Make your next home improvement project easier and more precise, thanks to this Digital Tape Measure by eTape16. This customer favorite has a locking blade and electronic reader for accurate measurements, every time.

For the gardeners out there, The Grommet has a special 5-in-1 Multi-Tool by Yard-X just for you. Whether you need a hoe, fork, rake, scraper, or hook, this tool has you covered. And not only is this multi-tool handy, it's made of top-quality materials (steel, aluminum, fiberglass) to resist all weather conditions and rust.

Starting today, and every day through September 15 (from 12:00 p.m. EST on August 15, 2019, through 11:59 a.m. EST on September 15, 2019), you can enter to win one of six $500 gift cards from The Grommet. Start making a list of your favorite finds!

Enter Now!

Enter $3,000 Bright Ideas Giveaway with The Grommet daily to increase your chances of winning one of six $500 gift cards from The Grommet.

“ $3,000 Bright Ideas Giveaway with The Grommet” is open only to permanent legal U.S. residents of the United States and the District of Columbia. Employees (and their immediate family members and members of same household) of Vila Media, LLC, The Grommet, and their respective affiliates are not eligible to enter. Void in all other geographic locations. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Contest Period for Prize runs from 12:00 p.m. (EST) Thursday, August 15, 2019, through 11:59 a.m. (EST) Sunday, September 15, 2019. One entry per household per day on . See Official Rules.


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