How to make roasted garlic

How to make roasted garlic

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Cut clove in half. Don't worry if it comes apart, foil will hold it all together later

Garlic city!

Cut squares of foil big enough to cover the little sucker

Get your toppings; olive oil, butter and some seasonings. I used 'everything seasoning' from TJs and rosemary or it could be as simple in salt and pepper

Smear some olive oil on top with your finger or a brush, put seasoning on after to stick. Top with a small square of butter. I topped it off with rosemary because that's how I roll.

Wrap upward and tightly to keep all goodness together and toasty. Still looks like a garlic don't it?

Get all the kiddies on a baking sheet, put in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes

When they're done they should have slight brown crust and taste like pods of heaven. (scoop out with a prong of a fork) Best smeared on warm crunchy French bread with a very full glass of wine.

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