How to make glitter polish show up better

How to make glitter polish show up better

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I also don't like the look of glitter straight on the nail!:)

before every manicure you should always put a base coat on to protect your natural nails. I use Sally Hansen double duty

I chose white as my base color coat because it looked good underneath the glitter that im using and really made a pop. sorry so messy, I'm using my left hand;)

paint as many coats as you need to make it opaque

I'm using Nicole by opi- gone wishin'

paint one coat of the glitter over the dry color coat

then after that dries paint another coat of the glitter to add more(:

put on your top coat

I use this nail polish dryer so it dries quicky

clean up around

and enjoy your nails(: I hope this helped you!(:

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