How to make home made laundry soap - super inexpensive

How to make home made laundry soap - super inexpensive

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Storage container from the pet section of Target, it keeps moisture out & was around $9. Fels Naptha $.80 a bar, Borax $3.38, washing soda $3.24 Purex $4.76 1 batch of this will last 6 months or more

Grate your Fels Naptha soap bars. Use 2-4 bars. Last batch I used 4, here I used 2 because that's what I had on hand. If you don't have a food processor use a grater (watch your fingers).

Grating the soap breaks it down into thin strips. Last batch I stopped grating after this step, but the laundry soap works better if the soap pieces are smaller.

Once you're bar has been grated switch to this blade in your food processor, or add your grated soap to a blender and mix till you have finer pieces.

Remnants of my last batch of soap in my storage container which was purchased from the pet food isle of Target. It was intended to store pet food and is available in multiple sizes.

Add your box of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda to your container. You can mix as you add ingredients if you like. It might make your final product more even.

Add the entire box of Borax to your storage container. Mix again if you like.

The soap has a pleasant scent without the Purex and it's not a vital ingredient at all. It's use is totally up to you. The Fels Naptha soap is key. Try not to skimp on that like I did in this batch.

Add entire bottle of Purex Crystals. These add scent. They aren't necessary, but if you like your laundry to have scent you should use one of these types of additives.

If you are going to refill your laundry container periodically make sure that you either buy the same scent of additive or wait till your container is empty. Mixing scents could turn out badly.

Add your finely ground Fels Naptha soap to the rest of your ingredients. Get to mixing. Everything needs to be evenly distributed.

I used a slotted spoon because it seemed to make it go faster. The adding ingredients & mixing will be messy & smelly. The particles are small and become airborne easily. There will be some cleanup.

I use the cap from the Purex as my measuring scoop and usually only use half a lid full for large loads. Save your Purex container and fill with soap if you will be going to the laundromat.

There are lots of recipes for laundry soap on the Internet, feel free to adjust ratios to fit your needs. You can adjust the amount of soap you use per load as well.

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