How to cook sfee7a (meat bread) so easy

How to cook sfee7a (meat bread) so easy

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As the weekend finally approaches and we get prepared for our kahlua caramel slice sunday, add 2 cups of white unbleached flour. Add 1 teaspoon of salt.

Place one table spoon of mahlab into your grinder. Depending on how strong you like the Taste you can add 2 tablespoons.

Grind your mahlab into a powder.

Add 1 heaped tablespoon of yeast into the flour and salt mix.

Add 1 cup of warm water according to your mixture. It should becoming more elastic as you mix.

You know what I'll say next right? Wash your hands and start mixing the dough. We all love dough mixing!!!

Leave the dough to rest and ferment for half an hour in a warm place. I just stuck my dough outside in the sun while I snapped this pic of Dad's cat.

Now for the fillings. So many options. First 500 gms of mince meat.

Get your favourite spices as you like. These are our favorites so we use these often.

Chop 1 Spanish onion to the mix.

Add salt and pepper and all your spices.

3-5 tablespoons of plain natural yoghurt and start your mixing. Lots of mixing today isn't it? Well it's completely up to you how much yoghurt you use. Even if you don't use it. It's still great

Looking a bit like this? Wonderful. Go grab your dough mixture.

Cut them up into small balls like so. A 5-6 cm ball would do the trick.

With a tissue, oil your pans by rubbing the tray. Place your dough directly on the tray and flatten out using your fingers. There's no need to use a rolling pin.

Place a heaped teaspoon of your minced meat mix on to the dough and keep pressing it into the dough.

Isn't it absolutely divine so far? In my dumpling guide we show you how to crimp the pastry and here it is again. Join any 4 corners of the pastry and press.

Get your oven ready by preheating to 200 degrees celcius and have your trays ready to bake.

This black goo is za3tar. It's a mix of oregano sumac powder and olive oil. Do the same press it into the dough. Did you know oregano is one herb that is used for memory maintenance. Great for kids

It's back for another debut in this recipe and the black sesame seed is here to stay. Press black sesame seeds into the dough and bake the same way. 200 degrees and 13-15 mins. Please ignore the flour

Place on your mothers favourite coffee tray and serve. Hot is descrumptious but it makes a great snack that is a crowd pleaser when cold too.

Eat a few to make room for the oregano ones.

You can freeze them and eat later or use in an emergency if unexpected guests come over.

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