How to make fun shaped crayons for your toddler

How to make fun shaped crayons for your toddler

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gather supplies. old crayons (used to be a school teacher). foil. something to use as a mold. i bake cakes, so i chose to use an old cupcake pan i had.

to get the mold, use the opposite side

place the foil over your mold

this is how the mold will look or something similar to this.

place the old crayons inside. i chose to use the same colors in each cup; but you can mix them, be as #creative as you want.

preheat oven to 250 degrees. you can do this before, but it doesn't take long to get to 250 degrees in most ovens. make sure to take any coverings off of the crayons before you try to melt them.

and wait...

and wait some more. try not to be too anxious little ones. it takes about 15 minutes for all the crayons to melt.

once done. pull out crayons and let sit for approximately 5 minutes.

this is a closer look at what they should look like melted.

once cooled, pull them out of the mold and get ready for arts and crafts time.

this has been great sharing this art project with you guys. check some of my work at

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