How to make easy sushi rolls

How to make easy sushi rolls

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Cook your sushi rice mix in the vinegar mixture. Just follow the directions on the box..... Too much to list... Easy and came out perfect.

Get your stuff together. If you love sushi you know what you like.

White tuna yellow fin and a pretty soft shell crab.

Ahhhhhhhhhi tuna. I love you

Jullianne you cukes

Yes that is bacon. We are making a BLTT. Bacon lettuce tomato and tuna roll

Save the bacon fat for Wesley's burgers

Bacon still chewy. You don't want hard pieces in the sushi. Just weird. Who wants crunchy bacon in the sushi?

Chop bacon very fine and a few romaine leaves.

Make spicy mayo. 1/2 cup mayo tbs siriacha mix till smooth. I add a little rice vinegar( splash) some don't, your call. Staple for sushi but great on everything... Keep in fridge good for a week.

Put in one of these so you can be cool. It tastes the same even if you spoon it on.

Chop some of the tuna slice the rest thin!

Mix the chopped tuna w some siriacha and a little spicy mayo. Don't measure just enough to coat it. Fairly dry. Don't want runny it will squirt out your roll. Never good.

Gotta have this. No explanation needed.

Have a good beverage......

Send the crab for a swim. Tempura batter. Again just follow the directions on the box. Not brain surgery. I added a tsp of wasabi powder to the mix but I am rebel.

I let him sit while the oil heats up. He cooks quick, about 4 min. Watch or you have crab jerky.... Cut in 1/2 long ways. Refrigerate. Idk about u but warm sushi sucks. Gotta be ice cold.

After the rice is cold and super sticky.... ( keep your hands wet it will keep the rice from sticking to your hands) spread over the seaweed. 1/4 inch thick.

This roll is rice on the outside. So put tour stuff out here. This case sesame seeds and very thin sliced tomato down the center:)

Flip it over no worries the rice sticks put on your bamboo mat. I cover mine with Saran wrap to be easy....

Sliced tuna avacado spicy mayo. Some cucumber. Romain lettuce.... This is the bltt

Roll it tight. The tomato is beautiful.

Add chopped scallions, after slicing garnish with that bacon and some spicy mayo. Cool and refreshing.

The next rolls just repeat the process. Just add different insides and outsides I made the spicy tuna, soft shell crab. Mix and match. Can't really go wrong. Add cream cheese if you like.

Wrapped the spicy tuna in avocado

Wasabi and a little chili oil. Notice every thing on the inside. Roll the same way.


Soft shell. Roll the same way


4 sum I refrigerate until time to serve. I hate warm sushi.

Time to slice. Super sharp knife. Keep water and a towel there. Knife has to be clean sharp and wet otherwise you tear up all of your work.

Time for another beer.

Enjoy! Make it pretty ! This was my first attempt. I used a little too much rice but everything else rocked. Note may sure you have a few friends over to enjoy with you!

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