How to make a thick breakfast smoothie

How to make a thick breakfast smoothie

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Gather your supplies. The granola cereal I use is PC brand from Superstore. It even has flax and chia seeds for Omega-3.

Don't take the measurements too seriously. Try a bit of each ingredient and change to taste. Try only a bit of leafy greens in at first to see if you like the taste. Bananas overpower veggies well.

If you don't keep fresh fruit around try canned fruits such as pineapple.

Wash your produce.

Put the ingredients in the blender. Put a bit less than this to be easy on your blender :) Stir if you need to only when the BLENDER IS UNPLUGGED.


Looking through the top you should see the liquid spinning like a little tornado to know its blended well.

If it's too thick for you, add some water an re-blend. Try to avoid frozen berries and ice as cold beverages are harder to digest.

If you made too much put one in the fridge for later :)