How to cook quinoa superfood salad

How to cook quinoa superfood salad

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Cook quinoa per package directions. Set aside.

While quinoa is cooking, chop onion & cilantro. Open canned veggies. Rinse black beans. Drain oranges. Make Lemon Lime Vinaigrette (see my Snapguide for Lemon Lime Vinaigrette).

Combine in a large serving bowl.

Cook shrimp in large skillet with butter or olive oil.

While shrimp is cooking, dice avocado. Add cooked quinoa and diced avocado to bowl. Pour some vinaigrette over the top and lightly mix together. Salt & pepper to taste.

Spoon mixture into individual bowls and top with some shrimp. Enjoy! Makes 4 large servings.

I prefer it warm, but can be served cold as well. May replace shrimp with chicken or other meat. Or make it vegetarian and leave it off altogether!

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