How to make a rubber block stamp

How to make a rubber block stamp

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Sketch out a basic idea for your stamp. I will be using mine for adding texture to canvas backgrounds so I kept it simple. I used Walter Foster's Learn to Draw app (free and super cool)

Sketch out your design onto the Lino block. You can also burnish your image directly into the block, but I wanted to keep it simple. Plus I did my sketch on the iPad instead of regular paper.

Using the Lino cutter begin to carve out the area around your design

Once you've carved out the larger parts, go back along the edges with a finer point with your Lino cutter. Ok, I am kind of a messy carver, but for my type of artwork it's alright. :)

Use your new stamp to create a background for your next scrapbook layout, art journal page, or mixed media project! For details on this page visit my blog:

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