How to get started with infuselearning

How to get started with infuselearning

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To sign up: go to

Click the Sign Up button

Complete the required information for your teacher account

Once signed in, you will be directed to the teacher dashboard (shown in picture here).

Select the "Start Class/Attendance" button

At this point, you will need to get a second (student) device. This can be a student iPad, tablet or laptop.

On your student device, open the web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)* and go to This is where students will go to connect to your room. *IE not currently supported

On student device, enter "Room ID" (found in upper left hand corner of the teacher dashboard) and student name.

View on the student device once connected to the room

View on teacher side as students connect to the room. When all students are connected press "return" (or home button) to return to the teacher dashboard.

You are now ready to ask a question! Let's say we select DrawResponse and (verbally) ask students to draw a representation of molecules in a solid, liquid or gas.

This is what the teacher view will look like while waiting for students to respond.

This is the student view for a draw response question. Students can select the following to create their response: pen color, pen size, eraser, undo, clear and submit.

Students create their DrawResponse and select submit (downward arrow).

View on the student device after they have submitted their response.

As students respond, their names become greyed out on the teacher view.

Select the image tab on the teacher view to see the student DrawResponses as they are submitted.

Select "Save Results" to download student responses.

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