How to make crockpot yogurt

How to make crockpot yogurt

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Take the crockpot out from the back of your cupboard.

Add 2 l of milk and turn on high for about 2/12 hours (185 degrees). Turn off the crockpot leaving cover on and wrap a big towel around it. Let sit about 4 hours (or 110 degrees)

Make note of time used, next time you won't have to use thermometer. At 110 degrees, add 1/2 c yogurt. (Remove 1/2 c when complete & put in container in fridge for use in the next batch).

Pour off the liquid that settles on the top (whey - you can use in baking instead of water if you want to use it up). Put in a covered container in the fridge overnight.

In the morning you have store bought consistency yogurt. If you want Greek yogurt, (thicker) strain off additional whey using a clean piece of cotton cloth. You can purchase untreated cotton cloth.

Serve with berries - and I like agave syrup for sweetener. Makes 1500 ml yogurt for cost of 2 liters milk. (Where I live, that's 3.57) and the process is NOT labour intensive. Nice mild taste.

Great in smoothies or you can replace sour cream in recipes. I like that I can have a sweetener free yogurt and add honey or syrup if I choose. Aspartame and Sucralose in list of ingredients? Nope!

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