How to maximize freezer storage & reduce defrost time

How to maximize freezer storage & reduce defrost time

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I used to use containers and original packaging to freeze food. But when I bought my counter depth freezer I had to find an alternative storage that would maximize my freezer's storage capacity.

Now I use freezer ziplock bags to store food that can transform shape. Like Liquids, semi liquids, bite size left overs (rice, pasta...). and even raw moldable meat like breast and ground meat.

Check out the amount of space I am able to save by storing the food in ziplock bags instead of containers.

Freezer ziplock bags come in two sizes, medium and large. I use the medium size to store individual portions and the large ones for family size portions.

Step 1: Store & Freeze

Fill the bag about half way. The content should be in room temperature. Squeeze the air out and seal. Lay the bag flat and ensure the content is about 1cm high (that's about 150 page novel).

Tip: When it comes to chicken breast and thighs avoid overlaying the meat. I often beat the chicken breast flat in preparation for schnitzels or cut into small strips in preparation for a stir fry.

Step 2: Defrost

Take out the bag of food you wish to defrost and break up the content by folding the bag. Dump the broken pieces into a microwave safe bowl, heat and serve.

With food high in water, defrost the content for 5-10 minutes before attempting any karate moves . Alternatively, but less eco friendly solution, cut the bag and lay the frozen piece in a large bowl.

With meat, lay the bag on a flat plate and let nature do it's thing. It's pretty quick when the meat is flat.

How about a little experiment... how long will it take to fully defrost yam stored in a round container (the iceberg) and the same amount of yam stored in a ziplock. Take a look and see for yourself

Step 3: Tips

Consider reusing the Freezer bags. Flip the bags inside out, wash with warm water and soap, air dry and reuse.

Stay organized.... label and date your ziplock bags.