Video: Unusual Ways to Use Coca-Cola at Home

Video: Unusual Ways to Use Coca-Cola at Home

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When is the last time you cracked open an ice-cold Coke? If you're like two-thirds of Americans, it's probably been a while. According to Gallup polls, many Americans are cutting back on their consumption of soft drinks, and sales of bottled water have eclipsed soda. But there's still good reason to buy soda, even if you've given up drinking sugary beverages.

Instead of guzzling down a glass of Coca-Cola, try one of these unusual ideas. Use a can of Coke in your garden to banish slugs or speed up the decomposition process in your compost pile, or pour a splash of soda on a grease spot to lift tough stains. Learn more about these and other uses for Coca-Cola in our short video.

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