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The Best Axes for Splitting Wood Tools & Workshop

The Best Axes for Splitting Wood

Cutting your own firewood (and saving money on this seasonal staple) is easy with the best axe for splitting wood. Get five top-rated picks for most DIYers.

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How To: Use Wood Filler Tools & Workshop

How To: Use Wood Filler

Surface imperfections in furniture and trim can be dealt with quickly and affordably by homeowners who know how to use wood filler. Follow these 5 steps.

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What's the Difference? Miter Saw vs. Table Saw Tools & Workshop

What's the Difference? Miter Saw vs. Table Saw

Power saws have changed the woodworking industry, giving DIYers the muscle they need to create large projects in a short amount of time. Table saws and miter saws are two of today's standouts, popular in home workshops. While each one relies on different principles to cut wood, their uses overlap in a number of areas.…

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The Best Sawhorses, According to DIYers Tools & Workshop

The Best Sawhorses, According to DIYers

They may not gallop, but a good set of sawhorses is key to getting your construction, woodworking, and DIY building projects across the finish line. Simply a crossbeam supported by A-frame legs, sawhorses are usually used in pairs to keep boards, logs, or panels steady and at a convenient height when cutting with a manual…

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Buyer's Guide: Stud Finders Tools & Workshop

Buyer's Guide: Stud Finders

Secure anything to your walls with full confidence it will stay put-yes, it's possible! Accomplish this and more when you start with the best stud finders.

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Buyer's Guide: Space Heaters Tools & Workshop

Buyer's Guide: Space Heaters

Start your own shopping trip for the best space heater with this guide on what features matter most-and which models have them.

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Buyer's Guide: Tape Measures Tools & Workshop

Buyer's Guide: Tape Measures

Read on to learn what to look for in the best tape measure, and check out our top-rated picks based on consumer satisfaction and industry standards.

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 14 Best Tips for Drilling Tools & Workshop

14 Best Tips for Drilling

Study these tips on how to use a drill before you start your next project to ensure safe drilling and professional results.

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Buyer's Guide: Impact Drivers Tools & Workshop

Buyer's Guide: Impact Drivers

Buying the best impact driver requires getting the right amount of power for your typical projects. Start with these tips and five top recommendations.

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Buyer's Guide: Utility Knives Tools & Workshop

Buyer's Guide: Utility Knives

Selecting the best utility knife means safe and efficient cutting of cardboard, carpet, drywall, shingles, and more. See which ones DIYers love best here.

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